Battering Ram is a challenge which appeared in multiple series.

Series 11


The warriors must work together to push the battering ram forward towards the doors of a palisade. In order to do this they need to push it along round sticks which can roll along the ground. Since they have a limited number of sticks they must be constantly moving new sticks in front of the ram. Spaced along the path of the ram are Treasure Ring suspended in the air which can be reached by climbing on top of the ram. Once they reach the palisade they must use the ram to batter down the doors. There are Demons following behind them and so the warriors must move quickly.

Ring Count

There are three rings suspended on the path of the ram which the warriors can chose to collect or not plus another ring on the other side of the palisade doors. Each warrior gains the number of rings the team collects (e.g. if they collect all four rings each member of the team gains four rings)