Boulder Run is the second event under the Blasted Mountain during season 7. One at a time, the warriors have to push a heavy, overgrown boulder through a narrow series of tunnels, collecting as many of 3 gold rings as they can along the way.


Kelpa takes her turn.

However, there are many traps set for the warriors, along with having to push the boulder. These include a rock trap opening above the warrior's head at the first ring; a skull moving in and out of the wall further on; what look like bats hanging from the ceiling at another point, followed by a deep section (allegedly) full of water. And to top it all off, there's a Demon rolling what looks like a bronze replica of a WWII mine chasing after the unlucky warrior from the moment they go past or take the first gold ring.

If the Demon catches up with you, you've lost.

To escape, the warrior has to push the boulder up a hill into a vertical tunnel, which will trigger a door to open, allowing them to run out.


  • Most warriors didn't bother to collect the third ring.
  • On the last day, a new rule was added, meaning Versad and Hanso had to collect all three rings, in addition to avoiding the Demon. Versad got all three, but Hanso dropped one of the rings on her way out and subsequently lost a life.
  • Hanso holds the record for being the only warrior to lose (in both instances) at Boulder Run (the first time (in her heat), the Demon caught up with her; the second time (in the finals), she avoided the Demon, but dropped one of her rings when she escaped).