Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Girl
Series One
Week(s) One
Emblem Green
Lives Lost -
Rings Gained -

Daala is a warrior from week one of Series 1. She wears a light brown shirt with a green sash. She has blonde hair which is mostly tied back and a bit shorter than Gaale's. 

Challenges Faced

Day One 

Hunt For The Standard 

Daala fails to find her Standard and so she loses a life.

The Eyeless Demons 

Daala competes against Hadan in this challenge. Daala is extremely slow to start the challenge and so did not collect the treasure ring.

The Old Troll 

Daala gets the answer correct and so gains a treasure ring.

Day Two 

Leap Of Faith 

Daala is third to attempt this challenge. She is afraid of heights and so when she reaches the platform she does not jump and is brought down by raven.

Castle Tournament

Daala is in a team with Hadan and Gaale. She does not have the opportunity to compete as her team had already lost by the time it was her turn.

Way of The Warrior

Daala was in last place at this point. She volunteers along with Lydav however loses the guess and so does not face the challenge.

Day Three

Deep Loch

Daala is third to swim across the loch and so gained a treasure ring.

Stepping Stones

Daala is the fifth and final warrior to attempt this challenge. She is slow but stead and so manages to dive through the ring.

Way of The Warrior

Daala is in last place at this point and so must attempt the challenge. She is pushed off by the first shield and so is eliminated from the tournament.