For answers to questions posed in this challenge, see Riddle Answers.

Demon Square is a challenge which appears in many series of Raven. It was first introduced in series 2.


At the far end of the paths, there's the wisdom tree (allegedly, left over as a remnant from an orchard of knowledge, according to Raven) which grows gold rings. The wisdom tree will ask a series of questions (in rhyme) to the warriors, to which the answer will either be true or false. There is a white path on their left, and a black path on their right. If the warriors think the statement is true, they walk to the white path; if false, they walk to the black path. The wisdom tree will then reveal the correct answer. If the warriors get the question right, they can take a step forward; if not, they'll have to stay where they are.

There are two Demons, one for each path. After each question, the Demons will move forward, one step at a time. If they land on the same square as a warrior, all of the warriors on that square will lose a life. Usually, a warrior has a two step head-start over the Demons.

Series 11

In this series the questions are spoken by Raven of Old.

Ring Count

Series 11

If the warrior makes it to the end of the path, they gain one ring.


  • Comically, most of the warriors followed everybody else around the paths, like sheep.
  • This game was inspired by, or would inspire, ITV's Eliminator. [citation needed]