Dragon's Blood is one of the three challenges in the Wizard's Tower, played on the second floor. In season 4, the warriors in first and second place would be taken upstairs and shown the chamber where Dragon's Blood was played. The warriors would start from opposite ends of the chamber, and aim to guide four dishes of the eponymous green dragon's blood through their end of the maze to the middle, where there was a chest. The first warrior to get to their chest and put all four dishes of blood in the chest would win; in return, the chest would create two gold treasure rings for them. The loser would lose a life. 

All sounds easy enough, except the dishes had to be collected one at a time from different points in the maze, alternating left and right, which served to divert the warrior's concentration and attempt to make them lose focus; even worse, according to Raven, dragon's blood is "incredibly venomous, deadly to mortals, like you", so much so, that if they spilled so much as a single drop, they'd instantly be eliminated and then lose a life. In series 5, Dragon's Blood was modified slightly, so that the warriors in last and next to last place would play. Here, they'd collect two dishes of blood and aim to put them in shrunken oil drums to claim two gold rings. The loser would pretty much have to play Way of the Warrior.