Ervan (Daniel Jackson) is a former soldier under Nevar's command, offering help to Raven and his warriors, and providing Raven with a set of stones that will allow the warriors to be brought back. He appears in Raven: The Dragon's Eye.

His uncertain trustworthiness will ensure that Raven keeps constant vigilance over him and his warriors. It was thought in Episode 10 that Ervan showed his true colours by getting Nevar to assassinate Raven whilst he met the Spirit Lord, but Raven found out and threw Ervan back to his master.

In Episode 16, a tribe of feral children (who had attempted to get the Dragon's Eye, but had failed and were subsequently confined to eternity in the Forgotten Kingdom) captured the six warriors who'd bested The Torrent, and took them to Ervan, who sought to make the warriors fight for a leader, whilst Raven would be distracted by a fake trail left to lure him to his death. When the warriors completed their leadership trials, Ervan gave them the diary of a warrior who had ventured to the Dragon's Eye and lived to tell the tale (later revealed to be Ervan himself), guiding them to the Castle of Shadows and to the Eye.

He later reveals that his aim is to arrange events so that Raven and Nevar will destroy one another, leaving him free to take control of both their kingdoms, and eventually, gain immortality and rule the entire planet. His name, like his former master Nevar, is an anagram of Raven. In the last episode, he was destroyed by Nevar in his final bid to get the Dragon's Eye. However, he might return from the dead, as Nevar is shown to have done so.