List of all warriors contained in a useful sortable tables.

Series 1-10, 11 onward, and the spin offs are on separate tables due to differences in the formats of the series

Classic series

In the classic series there are six warriors to each of the three weeks. At the end of the week the top two warriors get to carry on to the final week. The warrior which wins the final week of that series is crowned the Ultimate Warrior.

* for warriors who make it to the final week, the rank is given is the rank they obtain in the final week. This obviously implies they came first/second in their firstweek Emblems were not used in Series 1 and so the colour of the warriors sash is given instead
Warrior Name Real Name Series Week Emblem Result*
Hadan Daniel Hartley 1 1/Final Black (Both Weeks) 6th*
Intho Thomas Ingleson 1 1/Final Blue/Mauve 2nd*
Sejen Jenny Senior 1 1 Brown 3rd
Gaale Alexandra Gardner 1 1 Olive 4th
Daala Alana Davies 1 1 Green 5th
Lydav David Lyon 1 1 Lilac 6th
Lamar Mark McLaughlin 1 2/Final Green (Both Weeks) 1st*
Halei Leigh Hall 1 2/Final Blue (Both Weeks) 5th*
Jeash Ashley Jenkinson 1 2 Olive 3rd
Boyan Anthony Boyeldieu 1 2 Black 4th
Kefra Francesca Kelly 1 2 Mauve Withdrew early
Racar Carly-Jane McGrath 1 2 Mauve 5th
Adluk Luke Adamson 1 2 Brown 6th
Brhea Heather Bradley 1 3/Final Green/Brown 3rd*
Bryal Lladel Bryant 1 3/Final Blue/Olive 4th*
Eljam James Elliot 1 3 Mauve 3rd
Padwy Pamela Dwyer 1 3 Olive 4th
Toasa Asa Tolson 1 3 Black 5th
Glema Ruby-May Glen 1 3 Brown 6th
Varna John Avery 2 1/Final Wave/Mountain 2nd*
Grema Emma Grace 2 1/Final Mountain/Tree 1st*
Kenra Kerry Aniston 2 1 Sun pixel icon 3rd
Dialed Aled Diamond 2 1 Tree 4th
Venso Rob Evens 2 1 Moon pixel icon 5th
Seacy Stacy Ellen 2 1 Cloud pixel icon 6th
Napat Naeem Patel 2 2/Final Wave/Moon pixel icon 4th*
Kinia Sonia Durkin 2 2/Final Cloud pixel icon/Wave 3rd*
Lauha Laura Hannah 2 2 Sun pixel icon 3rd
Roska Ross Kall 2 2 Mountain 4th
Ghada Adam Ghadr 2 2 Moon pixel icon 5th
Oklar Lara Oak 2 2 Tree 6th
Ishal Haley Ishwood 2 3/Final Tree/Sun pixel icon 5th*
Ersca Carlos Ersan 2 3/Final Wave/Cloud pixel icon 6th*
Skiha Harriet Skyaski 2 3 Sun pixel icon 3rd
Dyasa Samuel Ash-Dyan 2 3 Moon pixel icon 4th
Warka Kam Warner 2 3 Cloud pixel icon 5th
Huiso Sophie Hughs 2 3 Mountain 6th
Worjo Richard Jowell 3 1/Final Mountain/Wave 2nd*
Sharka Karen Sharma 3 1/Final Wave/Moon pixel icon 6th*
Graki Kim Graham 3 1 Tree 3rd
Orrin Rose Iron 3 1 Sun pixel icon 4th
Halka Albert Kahm 3 1 Moon pixel icon 5th
Milal Alan Milford 3 1 Cloud pixel icon 6th
Brena Natasha Brettle 3 2/Final Moon pixel icon/Cloud pixel icon 3rd*
Nosoo Erin Norris 3 2/Final Cloud pixel icon/Sun pixel icon 5th*
Teyro Ross Terry 3 2 Wave 3rd
Maska Kashif Mason 3 2 Mountain 4th in Series 3 Week 2 (Replaced Denat on Week 3 Day 5 and finished 3rd there)
Grimic Michael Griffin 3 2 Tree 5th
Fared Andrea Farmer 3 2 Sun pixel icon 6th
Cullin Caitlin McCulloch 3 3/Final Cloud pixel icon/Tree 4th*
Jaddo Jamie Woods 3 3/Final Moon pixel icon/Mountain 1st*
Denat Nathan Peddie 3 3 Mountain Injured on Day 5 and replaced by Maska who finished 3rd in Series 3 Week 3
Keari Kate Richards 3 3 Wave 4th
Menla Laura Solomen 3 3 Sun pixel icon 5th
Wilka Andrew Wilkinson 3 3 Tree 6th
Dejan Hugh De Janeiro 4 1/Final Tree/Mountain 2nd*
Sarla James Scarlett 4 1/Final Sun pixel icon/Tree 5th*
Melja Amelia Johnson 4 1 Wave 3rd
Kelal Kelly Anid 4 1 Mountain 4th
Denra Daniel Anderson 4 1 Cloud pixel icon 5th
Berat Rebecca Trap 4 1 Moon pixel icon 6th
Wilga Gemma Wilson 4 2/Final Tree/Cloud pixel icon 4th*
Kinsa Amy Wilkinson 4 2/Final Cloud pixel icon/Sun pixel icon 3rd*
Simal Aled Williams 4 2 Wave 3rd
Volna Nathan Volman 4 2 Sun pixel icon 4th
Gajes Brijesh Irrc 4 2 Moon pixel icon 5th
Helic Michelle Hicill 4 2 Mountain 6th
Linma James Findley 4 3/Final Cloud pixel icon/Wave 1st*
Wenra Daniel Westerbury 4 3/Final Tree/Moon pixel icon 6th*
Darna Rebecca Digman 4 3 Moon pixel icon 3rd
Malna Gavin Woolman 4 3 Mountain 4th
Halat Abdullah Hatarman 4 3 Wave 5th
Tharo Bethany Roberts 4 3 Sun pixel icon 6th
Arnor Lorna Wright 5
Sonlu Luke Johnson 5
Linmis Michael Newtons 5
Jeson Jessica Son 5
Leja James Leah 5
Halec Helen Craft 5
Kenat Katie 6
Kerud 6
Ramso 6
Nisaq 6
Galna 6
Lonas 6
Karna 6
Nejad 6
Tezan 6
Lamil 6
Fera 6
Ilan 6
Aken 6
Versad Adam Weavers 7 Mountain/Tree 1st*
Beron Robin Jones 7 Tree/Moon 5th*
Kelpa Paige Keeley 7 Wave 3rd
Mygar Amy Gardiner 7 Cloud 4th
Lisan Alastair Bowman 7 Moon 5th
Nisab Isabella Oseni 7 Sun 6th
Danil Andrew Wilson 7 Sun/Cloud 3rd*
Lenat Matthew Cullen 7 Moon/Wave 6th*
Anmah Sean McMahon 7
Dylar Lydia Clark 7 4
Vansha Shavani Shah 7 Wave 5th
Ardhu Abbie Hull-Steward 7 Cloud 6th
Sonos Josh Thomson 7 Tree/Mountain 4th*
Hanso Stephanie Dickson 7 Wave/Sun 2nd*
Lipra Richard Phillips 7 Cloud 3rd
Kesem Emily Fowler-Parkes 7 Sun 4th
Ridar Rauridh McCardy 7 Mountain 5th
Wilsa Lisa Swanson 7 Moon 6th
Pargan Megan Pardoe 8 Wave/Moon 1st*
Milex Emily Fox 8 Sun/Cloud 4th*
Adlan Tom Langstead 8 Tree 3rd
Quilam Liam Quinn 8 Moon 4th
Wexar Alex Weaver 8 Mountain 5th
Linzar Zara Collings 8 Cloud 6th
Rimah Matthew Brightman 8 Wave/Mountain 5th*
Druan Rauridh Dunston 8 Sun/Wave 3rd*
Valso Calvi Thompson 8
Almar Ellie Marshall 8
ThyranVilsar Bethany Cameron/Olivia Friend-Spencer 8 Mountain 5th
Exsil Alex Wilson 8 Tree 6th
Sarpes Sophie Pearson 8 Tree/Sun 6th*
Phidel Eilidh Prise 8 Sun/Tree 2nd*
Sonaj Kya Jones 8 Wave 3rd
Wymal Samuel Wyatt 8 Moon 4th
Venrav Locryn Van Der Velde 8 Cloud 5th
Rodan Finn Herrod 8 Mountain 6th
Javmay Maryam Jiva 9 Tree/Wave 4th*
Reggos Gregor Hosie 9 Moon/Mountain 5th*
Yalbec Chloe Allenby 9 Cloud 3rd
Lamald Jennna McDonald 9 Mountain 4th
Kafsum Jack Mustafa 9 Wave 5th
Gruad Andrew McGuire 9 Sun 6th
Dyrel Emily Anderson 9 Cloud/Sun 1st*
Bertar Thomas Roberts 9 Wave/Moon 2nd*
Jenwin James Wiseman 9 Mountain 3rd
Yercas Carey Sesay 9
Harsam Martha Fish 9
Wordac Caitlin 9
YenjaTridic Antony Jeffries/Ingrid Ritch 9 Sun/Cloud 3rd*
Japul Paul Joannou 9
Nosson Sioned Jones 9
Elgan Stanley Glendinning 9
Forell Ellen Crawford 9
Wenod Etienne Ordway 9
Sarjed Jessica Reddy 10 1st*
Coprov Oliver Pocock 10 3rd*
Lendil Eilidh Collins 10 3rd
Yasnam Aymen Hassan 10 4th
Drenam Megan D'Ardrenne 10 5th
Wimmad William Woodman 10 6th
Cleral Leo Clark 10 6th*
Norpal Saffron Uppal 10 5th*
Ranath Samantha Ross 10 3rd
Bornos Erin Robinson 10 4th
Yathans Astan Thyon 10 5th
Samjen James Adamson 10 6th
Limonn Emily O'Connor 10 2nd*
Grolath Amy Lotherington 10 4th*
Dallraw Lauren Woodhall 10 3rd
Klayran Ryan Blake 10 4th
Hunwen Henry Wu 10 5th
Gweltam Matthew Seelig 10 6th

Post Series 10

List of warriors from series 11 onward. Ranking is given by the proportion of rings a warrior has compared to the maximum possible they could have when they are eliminated.

*Rings Gained does not include the six rings all the warriors start with The winner from each heat is shown in bold
Name Series Team Colour Rings Gained* Rings Lost Rank
Larsai 11 Bear Red 40 3 4
Ledag 11 Bear Green 23 2 5
Hanmor 11 Bear Blue 8 1 14
Piapta 11 Bear Yellow 20 4 9
Nantin 11 Wolf Green 63 4 1
Dakof 11 Wolf Blue 21 4 8
Ciarc 11 Wolf Red 4 2 16
Syora 11 Wolf Yellow 31 2 6
Rygo 11 Wildcat Green 9 3 15
Teeja 11 Wildcat Red 11 3 12
Janra 11 Wildcat Blue 38 9 2
Saris 11 Wildcat Yellow 13 2 11
Sharow 11 Stag Yellow 8 2 13
Cersage 11 Stag Blue 29 7 3
Kaichir 11 Stag Green 17 2 7
Scona 11 Stag Red 13 3 10

Spin offs

List of all warriors from the spin off series.

Raven: The Island is shortened to TI, Raven: The Secret Temple is shortened to ST, and Raven: The Dragon's Eye is shortened to DE for the purposes of the table.

Warrior Name Real Name Series Team Result
Delra (Leader) Bradley Guy TI Lion Escaped The Island
Goram Niamh Gordon TI Lion Fortress
Kaysa Scott MacKay TI Lion Fortress surroundings
Norso Lorna Ferguson TI Lion River of the Rising Moon
Tanla (leader 1) Tanesha Hanley TI Wolf Moat Zoat
Corso (Leader 2) Connor Woods TI Wolf Escaped the Island
Jenso Augustus Jones TI Wolf River of the Rising Moon
Bayle Abby Bell TI Wolf Fortress Surroundings
Tanel (Leader) Tristan Ellis TI Eagle Escaped The Island
Simlo Chloe Smith TI Eagle Fortress Surroundings
Cared Charlotte Edwards TI Eagle Bog O’ Balor
Masam Osmaan TI Eagle Bog O’ Balor
Sonro Rob McPherson ST Panther 1st - Field of the Dead/Escaped
Arton Jonathan Strachan ST Panther 14th - Obelisks of the Sun/Chariots
Yonra Robyn Leonard ST Panther 7th - Temple Spirit Run/The Gulley
Aksu Supriya Chak ST Panther 9th - The Gulley
ST Eagle
ST Eagle
ST Eagle
ST Eagle
ST Wolf
ST Wolf
ST Wolf
ST Wolf
ST Tiger
ST Tiger
ST Tiger
ST Tiger
DE Wolf
DE Wolf
DE Wolf
DE Wolf
DE Bear
DE Bear
DE Bear
DE Bear
DE Otter
DE Otter
DE Otter
DE Otter
DE Eagle
DE Eagle
DE Eagle
DE Eagle

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