Nevar as he appears from season 4 to season 10.

Nevar is mysterious magical being who brings evil to the land. He is the enemy of Raven.

Nevar is described as "the enemy of all that is good and true" by his arch-enemy Raven, and is responsible for the demons featuring heavily in the warrior's tasks in an attempt to impede their progress. He is often seen watching the warriors' progress in his castle and only appears in person at The Last Stand as Guardian of the Portal, where he does his best to stop the remaining warriors from winning.


Series 2 and 3

Nevar wears a black-hooded cloak and an iron mask resembling small fragments of metal. All that can be seen of Nevar's true form is his eyes, which have red irises and red-pink, scorched skin around them.

Series 4 to 10

Nevar's becomes a solid metal mask, sculpted to look like a face. He is now armed with a Staff of Power, topped with a human skull.

Series 11

Nevar looks drastically different in series 11. His black cloak became a black cape with red lining and shredded black fabric over red underclothes. His mask has become distinctly more demonic featuring horns and a large grin, as well as completely covering his face. His Staff of Power is now topped with a bird's skull and a thin ring going through the eye-holes of it.


Nevar as he appears in series 11.


The forging of the six symbols long ago, which brought sorcery back to Raven's land, also brought the scourge of Nevar who attempts to spread darkness once more.

Early Life

In Raven: The Island, Nevar's story was relayed by Princess Erina to Haryad. At that time, he had ruled the Island of Alaunus with his dark magic for four years, making Staffs of Power from the Enchanted Oak to arm his Demons, in order to stop the warriors from reaching his fortress. Nevar was once a normal human, no more than an upstart baron with a band of brigands as his followers, and considered no more than an irritation on Alaunus. However, he became twisted and corrupt when he stole the Enchanted Oak and used it to create a Staff of Power for himself; as a result, each time he uses his Staff for evil, half of his remaining life-force is taken away, taking its toll on his mind and his body. His iron mask and his cloak hides his scarred, burnt face, marks given to him from a battle with Raven.

Series 2 to 10

Raven: The Secret Temple

Nevar is thought to have been slain, until the last ten seconds of the show, where he is shown to have survived the temple falling on him.

Series 11

After doing battle with Raven, Nevar is sealed in a far and desolate realm. He uses his Staff of Power[citation needed] to send Demons to attack the warriors and to observe them.


  • 'Nevar' is 'Raven' backwards.
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