Raven- The Secret Temple

Raven: The Secret Temple is a CBBC children's adventure game show, and the second spin-off to the main series, Raven.

It comprises one series, which aired first on the CBBC Channel, and then during CBBC on BBC One in the UK, in 2007. In this series, warriors compete as teams and attempt to collect as many jewels as possible by completing fourteen tasks, so that they may find and enter the Secret Temple.


After his homeland is held frozen captive under the icy grip of his enemy, the evil Nevar, Raven travels to a distant, Eastern land, with sixteen of his young warriors in the hopes of finding the Secret Temple.

Within the temple lies the elixir that will restore his homeland to its former glory and release his land from Nevar's spell. In the East, he finds a frenemy in Satyarani, who will guide Raven and his warriors to the temple, but only if they prove their worthiness by completing fourteen perilous tasks; only the strongest warrior will be able to enter the temple and retrieve the elixir from within.


Teams and Warriors

Like in Raven: The Island, the contestants were divided into teams of four (two boys and two girls). However, unlike RTI, there were four teams rather than three; moreover, given that it was part of a BBC India season, there were four (possibly 5) contestants from India (see below).

In a departure from RTI, the leaders were shown to be decided by two trials on the first day; all four would play one game, with the two winners playing a further game (usually involving a weapon) (see below). The warrior who won both would become leader. Moreover, the jewels the warriors sought had a different purpose; if a warrior lost in a challenge, eight of these jewels would be needed to bring them back. If the warrior lost again, or the team didn't want them back, or they didn't have enough jewels, or they lost post-the Gulley, they couldn't be brought back then or at any other point.


Panthers (wore purple)

The team notable for their arguments and squabbles over leadership.

Sonro - Rob McPherson (Leader 1)

Sonro began the quest as leader of the Panthers but didn't contribute much to the team. He was a bad leader and when he lost at Field of the Dead, Yonra and Aksu made Aksu the new leader. He was the last of the team left after the Gulley and still didn't really do much in the final week (although he became friendlier after Karja lost The Way of the Dead) but eventually went on to win the competition and come 1st overall, a big achievement. He once stated 'Jewels are more important than comrades' which was a very bad thing to say about your team. Know best for nearly getting to third base with Maddy [citation needed].

Aksu - Supriya Chak (Leader 2, from India)

Aksu was a fine warrior in the first 3 weeks and was the leader after usurping Sonro in the aftermath of Field of the Dead. She wasn't really that popular amongst fans but soon improved and got to the final week. In the first challenge of the final week, she lost at The Gulley before she got to the shield part and came 9th overall, as she was unfairly shot by Nevar halfway through The Gulley.

Arton - Jonathan Stracham

Probably the weakest (physically strength speaking) warrior in TST, as both the challenges he lost at were strength-based. Arton got off to a bad start (despite getting to the second leadership trial on Day 1) and lost Obelisks of the Sun just before he put his final piece on. Yonra and Aksu decided to not listen to Sonro and bring him back. He was fine from then until he lost at Chariots too where he couldn't be brought back. His quest then ended and he came 14th.

Yonra - Robyn Leonard

Yonra got off to a pretty good start and won most challenges until she lost at Temple Spirit Run, luckily though, she was brought back. She wanted to bring Arton back and disagreed with Sonro a lot so she decided Aksu was a better leader. She got to Day 16 but lost at The Gulley, just before she got over the final rock climb. She was 7th overall.


Tigers(wore yellow)

The fan's favourite team.

Marca- Carys Thomas (Leader)

Marca came across as somewhat self-serving, without much concern for a lot of the other warriors. For example, she only wanted to bring Hadav back on the roll of a dice. Jenro, Sohar and Hadav were more loyal to her when the plump Welsh girl lost out at Thrall Threads; however, this left the warriors empty-handed, as buying Marca back cost them their last eight jewels. When Hadav was eliminated again, Marca was concerned (she said "please, no"), but sounded somewhat emotionless. She was friendlier with Sohar, as demonstrated by their hugs at the end of a challenge. Marca got very far in the quest, but fell off the balance beam in the Chamber of the Three Headed Serpent, at the first mace. She came 3rd overall.

Jenro- Joe Turner

Jenro was loyal to his team, and would've probably better leading than Marca, if she hadn't beaten him in the mace confrontation. He wanted to bring Hadav and Marca back when they lost at Pillars of Courage and Thrall Threads, respectively, though this would later cost him. The day after Thrall Threads, the Tigers had to play Waters of Time, where Jenro hurt his hip after falling over. Even worse, just when he was about to get his jewel, Jenro ran out of time and was claimed by the snakes. As the Tigers only had the other three jewels from this challenge, they couldn't buy him back. He came 13th overall.

Sohar- Charlotte Moss-McRory

Sohar was a big favourite of the fans (the fans wanted her to win, but she fell and Sonro won). She was incredibly loyal to the whole team, and was quite close to Marca. She became the third leader of the final team in the Temple (due to the dice). Again, the fans wanted Sohar to win, but she fell at virtually the same point Marca fell off in the Chamber of the Three Headed Serpent. Overall, she came 2nd.

Hadav- Diveakksh Schae (from India)

A firm fan favourite. Hadav was actually all right, up until he fell off one of the Pillars of Courage, and Marca only brought him back on the roll of the warriors' dice (a la No Country for Old Men). He kept going really well, until he overworked himself during Chariots when he tried to get two jewels (one above him; the other, which was meant to be Marca's, fell into his lap), but Hadav ran out of time and was eliminated again. Overall, he came 11th.


Eagles(wore red)

Yaeda- Thea Day (Leader)

Taylan- Angus Taylor

Karja- Janhvi Devalekar (possibly from India)

Samra- Raghav Rayasam (from India)


Wolves(wore orange)

The team that got fully eliminated first.

Desot- Tom Isted (Leader)

Lymel- Clemmie Bailey

Probably the least agile warrior in TST, as both the challenges she lost were agility-based. Lymel came third in Bridge Race (the first leadership challenge), but took part in Archer's Aim (due to Tibor's cock-up in the race) and lost to Desot. She fell ill the next day and wasn't allowed to take part in Chariots, but did all right up to Thrall Threads, but was eliminated after triggering the bells to ring; Desot brought her back. She returned this loyalty after he was eliminated at Field of the Dead, and brought him back. They continued as a pair until Day 14's Stepping Stones, when Lymel made the mistake of trying to get a leather baggie when Desot told her not to. She tried to get it, but she fell from the stone, hitting the ground and causing the plinth to fall over. She was eliminated again, and couldn't be brought back. Overall, she came 10th.

Nebra- Sanchia Erboks (from India)

Tibor- Rob Whitmore

Incredibly shit as a contestant. He practically ballsed-up everything he took part in (Bridge Race (the leadership challenge), Chariots and Temple Spirit Run). He had a good chance at being the Wolves' leader, but he touched the ground, and was subsequently unable to compete against Desot for leadership (Tibor was replaced by Lymel). Tibor was lucky to survive Chariots the next day, but failed epically at Temple Spirit Run, when he ran out of time. The Wolves unanimously refused to bring him back. He was placed 16th overall.

Leadership trials


  • Handcuff Race: The warriors have been put into handcuffs; each pair is attached to a rope starting at the warriors' feet. The ropes "lead everywhere and nowhere", according to Raven. The warriors must follow their rope to the far end of the plot where this game is being played; not only do they have to worry about the threat of each other, but the handcuffs are quite wide. If the handcuffs come off, the unlucky warrior won't be allowed to take part in the next leadership trial.
  • Vase Strike: For Sonro and Arton, the next trial for their first successful completion was to use a catapult to shoot at and break two vases in front of them. Sonro hit his two first, so he became leader.


  • Word Bank: The warriors must cross a letter bank set before them, stepping on letters that will reveal a word (no doubt their warrior name, though), in a similar manner to Riddle Bridge meets The Force from TDE. If a warrior got their word wrong, they'd have to return to the start of the path and try again.
  • Maces: For Marca and Jenro, the next trial for their first successful completion was to face each other in single combat and play a mace version of Long Staff. Marca won both, so she became leader.


  • Rope Pass Run: The warriors must run through a pass of threads set between a network of poles. It's quite similar to Thrall Threads, but a race and without the bells.


  • Bridges: The warriors each have a plank, which they must use to cross a series of stepping stones (in a four-person, same direction version of Stone Bridge). If they touch the ground with their feet, they're unable to compete for the second leadership trial, as Tibor found out the hard way.
  • Archer's Aim: For Desot and Lymel, the next trial for their first successful completion was to use a bow and some arrows to shoot at targets on a wall. Desot hit his first, so he became leader.

Virtue trials

Before Raven can lead his warriors to the Secret Temple, Satyarani says the warriors must all take part in a series of trials, designed to test them of seven virtues: accuracy, agility, courage, leadership, speed, strength and wisdom. As there were two trials for each virtue, it filled up most of the first three weeks (the first day had the leader's trials), making fourteen tasks, one each for each team, per day.

On their first evening in the Eastern land, the new leaders (Sonro, Marca, Yaeda and Desot) were presented with six jewels each. Over the next 14 days, each team could win up to a maximum of four jewels. If a warrior would be taken by a Spirit Guard, the team would have to give Raven 8 jewels to buy them back. This was granted once to each warrior. At the end of the 14 trials, the team with the most jewels would automatically bypass The Gulley, at which point every team would have to surrender their jewels, so nobody could be brought back in the final week.

There were four challenges warriors couldn't be eliminated from: Archery, Giant Catapult, Rangoli Ring and (presumably) Riddle Trap.


  • Archery: The warriors have 12 arrows between them and a bow each, which they must use to shoot at 4 targets which open and close to secure jewels. When their first arrow is shot, a drum is beaten; at that point, the Spirit Guards (as many Guards as warriors taking part in this challenge) will wake up and gradually close in on the warriors. If they come within reaching distance, the warriors will lose the jewels they got in this challenge. When a target is hit, the jewel in the leather baggie under it will fall to the ground.
    • Panthers: Day 13 (Sonro found out he was shit with a bow and arrow)
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolf (Desot): Day 15
  • Giant Catapult: The warriors have a giant catapult, and a large number of shots. They must use it to shoot at the ceramic vases on giant plinths, causing the vases to topple and break, releasing a jewel, in a leather baggie, in the process. When the first shot is fired, a drum is beaten; when the drum is beaten again, the challenge is over and the warriors must leave, with or without the jewels got in this challenge.
    • Panthers:
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves:


  • Bridge/Stepping Stones: The warriors must cross stepping stones, opting to collect leather baggies (which contain either useless sand or a useful jewel), from the gold plinths dotted around the game, if they so wish. If they touch the ground surrounding the stones, they will be eliminated. Bridge is easier, as Raven gives the warriors four planks, which the warriors can use to aid them get through. Stepping Stones is harder, as there aren't any planks, so the warriors must jump from stone to stone to traverse their path.
    • Panthers (Bridge):
    • Tigers (Bridge):
    • Eagles (Stepping Stones):
    • Wolves (Stepping Stones): Day 14
  • Thrall Threads: The warriors must carefully pass through a network of wires strung across their path. However, the wires have bells attached to them. If a warrior touches a wire, in turn causing the bells attached to ring, the Spirit Guards at the edges of the game will wake from their deep slumber and eliminate the warrior who woke them up. The leather jewel baggies are strung in corners of the game, or in hard-to-reach areas, delicately attached to the wires.
    • Panthers: (Aksu's massive height made the game difficult for her)
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves: Day 5


Bridge/Stepping Stones
  • Lymel (Wolves), who couldn't be brought back as she'd already been eliminated (see below). She went for one of the baggies (despite Desot telling her not to), but fell off the stone, causing the plinth she was going for to fall over.
  • Yeada and Samra (Eagles). Yaeda was brought back and Samra wasn't (probably because she was the leader).
Thrall Threads
  • Marca (Tigers), who was brought back, depleting the Tigers' jewels.
  • Taylan (Eagles), who was brought back.
  • Lymel and Nebra (Wolves). Lymel was brought back, Nebra wasn't (because Desot thought she'd be better for the team).


  • The Ledge: The warriors must edge their way around a very tall building, with their only path being an extremely narrow ledge. If a warrior doesn't go, or falls, they will be eliminated. The leather baggies with jewels in them are strung above the warriors' heads in alcoves on the wall.
    • Panthers:
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves:
  • Pillars of Courage: The warriors must traverse five giant pillars, to get from one building to another. If they don't go, or fall off, they will be eliminated. The leather baggies with jewels are above the columns, slightly overhanging the gaps between them.
    • Panthers: Day 15
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves:


The Ledge


Pillars of Courage
  • Hadav (Tigers), who was brought back. He fell off the first pillar whilst trying to get the jewel baggy. Marca decided to bring him back after a roll of the dice.


  • Enchanted Demons: In a game spoofing many similar versions of the same game from ITV's Jungle Run, the warriors must collect the jewels (in a tub) from a stone plinth in the centre of some concentric circles, using a hook attached to ropes. However, when the ropes are picked up, the Spirit Guards, standing around the outermost circle, will wake up and begin to circle the circles, so the warriors must keep moving to avoid the Guards. If a Spirit Guard touches a warrior or their rope, they will be eliminated. The Guards are normally kept sleeping by a spell constantly recited by an old man in a nearby tent; when the ropes are picked up, the man will shut up and will only begin his reciting when the warriors have the jewel tub and left the ropes. The leader must give out orders to the warriors during this challenge. If four warriors play, the leader must stand off at the side and give orders from there, whilst the other three warriors must take the three ropes (at 120 degree angles) and avoid the three Guards. If three warriors play, it's the same, except the leader doesn't stand off the side. If two warriors play, they must take a rope opposite their cohort and avoid the four Guards.
    • Panthers (4 warriors):
    • Tigers (3 warriors):
    • Eagles (4 warriors): Day 3
    • Wolves (2 warriors):
  • Field of the Dead: A game carried over from Raven: The Island and spontaneously spoofing Knightmare from the 1980s. One warrior is blindfolded (using a team-coloured scarf) and led by the rest of the warriors across a cursed battlefield (cursed so that the warriors can't look too closely at the field, hence the need for the blindfold, whilst the rest stand in a wooden podium), collecting the four leather jewel baggies. If the warrior on the field touches any of the debris from the battle (swords, helmets, skulls, corpses etc.) strewn across the field, they will be eliminated. Even worse, the team is timed: the game begins when the first drum beats; when it beats again, the warrior on the field must be guided out the way he came. If they're still on the field when the third drum beats, they will be eliminated.
    • Panthers (Sonro):
    • Tigers (Jenro):
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves (Desot):


Enchanted Demons


Field of the Dead
  • Sonro (Panthers), who was brought back. He also suffered the indignation of losing his leadership to Aksu.
  • Desot (Wolves), who was brought back.


  • Temple Spirit Run: A large number of leather baggies are continuously raised and lowered from the ceiling of a room. Four of the baggies contain a jewel, the others contain sand. The warriors must jump to collect a jewel from its baggie and present it to the Spirit Guard blocking the exit; he'll then let the warrior out. The warriors are timed; if they don't have a jewel by the time the second drum beats, the Spirit Guard will eliminate them.
    • Panthers:
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves: Day 3
  • Waters of Time: In another nod to ITV's Jungle Run, there are four vertical gutters protected by snake statues. As they're so tall and narrow, the warriors can't get the jewels by hand; they have to constantly run back and forth from a spring outlet to fill the gutters with water, which causes the jewel, attached to a float, to float up. The warriors are timed; if they don't have the jewel by the time the second drum beats, their respective snake statue will eliminate them.
    • Panthers:
    • Tigers:
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves: Day 4


Temple Spirit Run
  • Yonra (Panthers), who was brought back by Aksu, in one of her first acts as leader, despite former leader Sonro disagreeing.
  • Tibor (Wolves), who wasn't brought back.
Waters of Time
  • Jenro (Tigers), who couldn't be brought back, as the Tigers didn't have enough jewels to do so. Moreover, Jenro had hurt his hip after falling over. He was just about to get the jewel when he ran out of time.


  • Chariots: The warriors are in gold chariots, and they must haul themselves over three speed ramps, collecting two sticks from ceramic jars (similar to the jars used in Giant Catapult), and then a cone-ended stick at the far end of the courtyard from a plinth (similar to the plinths used in Bridge/Stepping Stones). They must then haul themselves to the middle of the courtyard, put the sticks together and use it to unhook a leather jewel baggie strung high above their heads, before hauling themselves back to the start. The warriors are timed; if they don't have a jewel and are back at the start by the time the second drum beats, the Spirit Guards standing at the side will eliminate them.
    • Panthers: Day 8
    • Tigers: Day 13
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves: Day 2
  • Obelisks of the Sun: The warriors must build a broken stone obelisk (each), by carrying the heavy pieces up a sandy hill. When reconstructed, the obelisk will focus the sunlight onto a boulder at the foot of the hill and forge the jewels they're looking for. The warriors are timed; if a warrior hasn't completed their obelisk by the time the second drum beats, the Spirit Guard at the top of the hill will eliminate them.
    • Panthers: Day 6
    • Tigers: Day 14
    • Eagles:
    • Wolves:


  • Arton (Panthers), who couldn't be brought back as he'd already been eliminated (see below).
  • Hadav (Tigers), who couldn't be brought back as he'd already been eliminated (see above). He was trying to get two jewels when he ran out of time.
  • Not technically an elimination, but Lymel (Wolves) had fallen ill, so Desot got her jewel for her.
Obelisks of the Sun
  • Arton (Panthers), who was brought back, despite Sonro saying no. He was about to put his final piece on when he ran out of time.


  • Rangoli Ring: A deceptively quiet area awaits the warriors. However, when a stone is tossed to the shard of stone where the jewels sit, fire erupts. This is because eight circles sit around the shard. Five of them have symbols in them, the other three are blank. With five pieces of paper with varying patterns on them, the warriors must correctly identify the missing symbols and use the coloured powder dishes (rangoli) to add them to the circles on the ground, so to neutralize the fire and collect the jewels. The warriors are timed; if they haven't correctly cracked the method when the second drum beats, they've failed.
    • Panthers (passed):
    • Tigers (passed): Day 15
    • Eagles (passed):
    • Wolves (failed):
  • Riddle Trap: A mathematical riddle appears in the warriors' books, which they must solve. The answer is a number; when correctly solved, a warrior must correctly find a path to the jewels, stepping on squares with the riddle answer only. However, once the jewels are taken from their resting place at the far end of the riddle area, the spiked walls on either side of the path will begin to close in on the warrior, who must now retrace his steps back to his cohorts. If they step on an incorrect square at any time (more often in haste on their way back), one of the jewels will disappear.
    • Panthers (Sonro)
    • Tigers ()
    • Eagles (Taylan): Day 2
    • Wolves (Desot): Day 13

At the end of the last trials on Day 15, Raven and Satyarani call the warriors over, to examine the number of jewels they all have. At this point in the quest, 7 warriors had been lost (Arton (Panthers); Lymel, Nebra and Tibor (Wolves); Jenro and Hadav (Tigers) and Samra (Eagles)), and Sonro had given leadership of the Panthers to Aksu. The leaders (Aksu, Desot, Marca and Yaeda) were to present the number of jewels they had. The Panthers and Wolf had tied for the lowest number of jewels; the Tigers had a higher number and the Eagles had the most. The Eagles, therefore, won themselves an advantage, which would be revealed in good time.

Elimination trial - The Gulley

On the morning of Day 16 (the last Monday), Satyarani interrogated the leaders (Aksu, Marca, Yaeda and Desot), before leading all the warriors to the Gulley. As the Eagles (Yaeda, Taylan and Karja) had collected the most jewels, the'd automatically bypass the Gulley and be teleported to the Citadel. Raven then revealed that because the Tigers, Wolf and Panthers hadn't done as well as the Eagles, they'd have to prove themselves to Satyarani that they were still worthy of continuing on the journey, as the Gulley was the last chance to do so. He also revealed that, from there on out, all the reward stones the warriors had collected over the past 15 days had been surrendered, so if any warrior was eliminated from the Gulley onwards, they would never return.

The Gulley consists of a section of ropes to crawl under, followed by a shield on ropes, which the warriors had to move through some wooden barriers, and finally a section of boulders to climb over. As the Tigers were in second place over jewel numbers, they'd begin the Gulley on the first drum; the Panthers and Desot would follow on the second drum, as both parties had the same number of jewels. Unfortunately, Nevar showed up, and randomly shot Aksu just as she was starting on the shield section. Later on, Sonro and Sohar were the first to escape, and were soon followed by Marca. Nevar reappeared and promptly shot Desot (completely destroying the Wolves' team) and Yonra. In revenge, Raven tried to shoot him, but Nevar escaped. Raven promptly transformed into his bird form and pursued him. Nevar threw some Demons in Raven's path, but he blasted them all and then found Nevar had vanished.

With the Gulley behind them, the elite team (consisting of three Eagles (Yaeda, Taylan and Karja), two Tigers (Marca and Sohar) and the last surviving Panther (Sonro)) could progress to the Citadel unimpeded, with Yaeda leading them.


Aksu (Panthers), who was unfairly shot by Nevar at the start of the shields.

Desot (last survivor of the Wolves), who was shot when the quota of six elites was reached.

Yonra (Panthers), who was shot in the same conditions as Desot.

Citadel trials (Day 16 to Day 18)

Monday/First day/Day 16

  • Citadel Gates: The six remaining warriors are given a riddle to solve. They must place their answer on the sliding planks on the gates to the Citadel, such that their answer reads vertically, top to bottom. If they get it right, the gates will open; if not, they'll have to work out a different answer.

The gates opened on the first go, and the warriors found themselves in a marketplace, where Sonro found himself captivated by a magician who kept making money appear from Sonro's ears and from in his mouth. Inside the Citadel, Satyarani tells the warriors they're safe from Nevar and his Demons, who can't breach the Citadel walls.

  • Alchemist's Potion: With the sightseeing behind them, Satyarani sets the warriors another riddle, which instructs them to collect various ingredients from around the marketplace. They then had to synthesize a draft and split it into six jars (one each).
  • Golden Stone: Having correctly synthesized the draft, the warriors have to empty their draft jars, one at a time, into a stone cauldron. Each emptying will cause fire to appear on the golden stone opposite them; in the fire, a symbol will briefly appear. The warriors have to write down the symbol in their books, as the symbols will be needed the next day.

Tuesday/Second day/Day 17

  • Statues: The warriors are brought to a stonemason's workshop in the marketplace, where there are three human statues standing on the step. Each statue has a scroll in its hand, but only one of the statues is the correct one. Using the symbols gathered the previous day, the warriors have to identify the correct statue and give the correct offering; in turn, the correct statue will come alive and give the warriors its scroll. The scroll will come in handy later, to identify the rules of the challenges Satyarani lays out for them.

Whilst the warriors work out the riddle, Raven believes he keeps seeing Demons walk through the walls of the Citadel, and begins to doubts Satyarani's claims Demons can't enter the Citadel.

  • Vajra Scales: The warriors are presented with three scales at a reserve stall at the marketplace. One contains mirrors, one contains leather baggies (similar in design to the jewel baggies) of sand. Over time, the mirrors will turn black. The warriors have to correctly balance the scales, to escape with at least one mirror. If a mirror is taken from the scales, and the scales aren't balanced, the warrior who took it will be eliminated.

Satyarani explains to Raven that Vajra Scales is a test of logic, as this test explains to her who think clearly, and who doesn't. The warriors only escaped with one mirror, which will come in handy later on.

  • Snakes and Ladders: A grid of 24 squares, in a wide shrine-like building at the marketplace, awaits the warriors. They have to play Snakes and Ladders, except there's a Snake Demon stuck at the end (square 24). Each time each warrior rolls their two dice, they have to loudly shout out what number they rolled; the Snake Demon will move that number of squares, then the warrior does so, using the ladders and snakes as the rules dictate. If they roll the same number on both dice, they can roll again. If the Snake Demon lands on the same square as a warrior, they'll be sent back to the start, as Sonro found pretty much immediately. If the Snake Demon lands on square 1, it is automatically sent back to square 24. If a warrior reaches square 24, they'll be transported to the next area. Moreover, the warriors can, once, nominate another warrior to take their move for them. Once five warriors have escaped, the Snake Demon will kill the warrior who is left behind. This happened to Yaeda, as she used her nomination to help Marca get out. The Snake Demon then sent her back to the start, and then it killed her. Taylan becomes the new leader.

Satyarani explains to Raven that Snakes and Ladders is a test of endurance, as this test explains to her who has the instinct to survive, and who doesn't.

  • Catapult Drop: Now high up in a building, the warriors must use a catapult to hit a small target (similar to the ones used in Archery) on the opposite building. Hitting the target will trigger a container (probably just a disposable foil pie dish) to tip over, releasing a black rope, reaching from the above floor of the building to the ground below. However, that doesn't mean the end of this challenge. One by one, the warriors must abseil down the side of the building, collecting a piece of parchment each as they go. Each piece of parchment has a different symbol design on its back. Once all five warriors had abseiled down, the rope disappeared, leaving them all stranded at the base of a tower complex where they can't escape, much to Nevar's delight, after he regains his observation dish after Raven blew it up in an earlier episode.

Satyarani explains to Raven that Catapult Drop is a test of nerves, as this test explains to her who, out of the now five warriors can remain calm in the face of adversity. Raven then bitterly monologues to the fourth wall that the warriors have "No doors, no hope, no way out", as the marketplace closes for the night.

Wednesday/Third day/Day 18

  • No Way Out: After a night of rough sleeping in a quadrangle full of shattered pottery, the warriors wake up, and notice matching edges on their pieces of parchment. On Taylan's advice, they put the parchment pieces together, and it creates a riddle, and then covers the walls in symbols. The riddle says the warriors have to put their hands on matching symbols; this meant some warriors had to use their hands and feet, whilst others just used their hands. When all the matching symbol pairs are touched simultaneously, a gap magically opens in one of the walls. The warriors then have to build two columns using the pieces of shattered pottery in the room with the symbols on the walls. When complete, the columns open a portal between them which will transport the warriors back to the marketplace, where Raven and Satyarani wait.
  • Sign in the Sand: With all five warriors present and correct back in the marketplace, Satyarani draws a simple snake-like symbol with her finger, and the warriors have to find this symbol and "give gold when [they] see it". The warriors think they see the symbol everywhere, primarily on posters, but they then find the correct symbol is on the head-scarf shield of a snake charmer. When the warriors give the gold prescribed by Satyarani, the snake charmer will play a demonic tune on his Indian clarinet; the warriors must remember this tune.
  • Snake Charmer: Having correctly found the sign, Satyarani decrees there's one more challenge which stands between the warriors and the Secret Temple. {Part 1} The warriors are presented with three snake charmers, and the warriors have to pick the man who plays exactly the same tune they heard earlier. Upon correctly picking him, the warriors are presented with five straw baskets. {Part 2} Satyarani says that whilst four of them are empty and will become chariots that will drop the warriors in the Secret Temple, one of them contains a snake. If a warrior picks an empty basket, they have to climb inside; the snake charmer will put the lid on, and the basket will vanish; the warrior will reappear inside the Secret Temple. However, if they pick the basket with the snake in it, the snake will kill them. Taylan found out the hard way that the snake basket was the basket second from the right. The snake charmer played his tune, whilst poor Taylan waited for his inevitable death. Sure enough, as soon as the tune ended, the snake stared at Taylan, causing him to vanish in a flash of light.

Raven was in disbelief that a warrior can simply die due to chance, but Satyarani says it's a test of character, as each warrior has to decide when they'd like to pick a basket.


  • Contrary to what Sonro thought in Raven's mind-read, there was only one snake basket (the one Taylan picked; Sonro said he thought there were two baskets).
  • This challenge is directly Russian Roulette, with the baskets representing the gun and the snake representing the bullet.
  • Since Taylan was the leader after Yaeda's death, and since he was killed by the snake, the warriors, on his advice, rolled their dice, and whoever got the highest would become the next leader. This was Sohar.

Temple challenges (Days 19 and 20)

Thursday/Fourth day/Day 19

  • Chamber of the Red Demons: Yesterday, Marca, Sohar, Karja and Sonro had materialised in part of the Secret Temple. They had arrived in the Chamber of the Red Demons. Here, they are instructed to collect an amulet each. These amulets are enchanted and will protect the warriors from the Secret Temple's curses and spells. However, there's a problem facing the warriors and getting the amulets; the four eponymous Red Demons (identical in dress to the Spirit Guards), who will kill a warrior if they touch them. Using the mirror collected from Vajra Scales, the warriors must use it and a single shaft of light let in from outside to keep the Red Demons at bay, by shining the sunlight into the Demons' faces. However, the shining effect will only last ~45 seconds, so they must work quickly to collect the amulets.
  • The Door to the Underworld: The warriors are presented with a riddle: "The noonday sun beats down fiercely, oh warriors beware. Be careful not to pick the stone, there could be danger there". Using this riddle, they have to correctly align the thee concentric wheels on the double doors leading into the underworld. The symbols (in order of going into the center) are the sun symbol, the stone symbol and the snake symbol.

When the warriors correctly solve the riddle, Raven goes to follow them. Satyarani warns him that the inner sanctum is cursed in a very deep magic; if an immortal sets foot in the sanctum, the entire temple will collapse.

  • Cave of Fear: In a scene spoofing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, each of the four warriors must venture into the Cave of Fear, to collect one of four keys which will all open the next door blocking their path. The keys are to be found in a hole full of cockroaches, a bowl full of snakes, a pot full of slime and in the hand of a skeleton.

At the same time, Satyarani brings Nevar into the Secret Temple, and sends him to intercept the warriors.

  • The Way of the Dead: The warriors simply have to cross a bridge. However, it's a bridge of planks connected to stepping stones. When they reach the end of their bridge, their path vanishes. If they fall into the pit they're crossing (full of sand and bones), they will be killed, as Karja found out the hard way. She ran across one of the planks on her path, and it snapped; however, there's a rumour saying that she was eliminated because of a "dud path"; that is, where the plank that broke had already broke and was lightly glued back together by the set dressers, in an effort to make there be three warriors for the finale.

As Raven leads, Marca, Sohar and Sonro off, the audience can see Nevar's shadow appear after they've gone.

Friday/Fifth day/Day 20/Final day

  • Chamber of the Three Headed Serpent: Marca, Sohar and Sonro have finally arrived in the inner sanctum of the Secret Temple. But they must face a few final obstacles and barriers. They are all barefoot, to make balancing across the snake easier. First of all, they are presented with a riddle: "I care not warriors, whence you came, to take the waters, walk my name. Each take one ring, and to my tail, attach it quickly, or you'll fail." With the aid of their translation books, they correctly identify the answer to the riddle as "serpent", and then they have to walk the letter path in the same manner as in R:TI and Riddle Bridge. There are three rings suspended on wires above the warriors' heads, and they have to collect them; if they reach the next obstacle without the ring, they have to go back and get it, as Sohar and Sonro found out. With the ring in hand, the warriors have to put the ring at the foot of a balance beam sculpted to look like a three-headed King Cobra. Then, they must walk the balance beam, avoiding the giant swinging maces and not falling off (again, R:TI). Marca initially led the way, but she fell off at the first mace. She is vapourized instantly. Sonro then took the lead, advancing past where Marca fell. Sohar followed, however, she fell off at virtually the same point as Marca. Like Marca, Sohar dies from being vapourized. After getting to the end of the balance beam, Sonro then had to hoist himself up a rope to collect a thermos to put the draft in.
  • Well of the Three Headed Serpent: With the thermos in hand, Sonro must collect the magical draft which will break the icy spell from a cauldron. However, he must confront a fear of snakes, as the cauldron is surrounded by them. Because Marca and Sohar are both dead, he must face his fears alone.

At this point, Raven finds out what happened to Marca and Sohar, and vows to protect Sonro. Satyarani then warns him he can't set foot in the sanctum, or the temple will collapse.

  • Escape from the Underworld: Nevar appears whilst Sonro collects the draft. Nevar hides behind a pillar, planning to kill Sonro when he escapes. In the meantime, Sonro has to retrace his steps, across the balance beam, avoiding the giant maces, and over the letter path (sticking to the word "serpent" in reverse). However, when he completes the last obstacle, Nevar appears, creeping up on Sonro behind his back, and prepares to kill him with his Staff of Power. Soon, Raven intervenes, and blasts Nevar long enough for Sonro to run for his life.

Whilst Satyarani leads Sonro to a safe area, Raven and Nevar fight.

  • Time of Reckoning: Sonro has just one more barrier in his path to freedom. He is given a mathematical riddle to solve, in order to open the correct portal out of two set in the wall. If he enters the right answer into the three-digit block in front of him, the correct portal will open, and he will be transported to freedom; if he answers incorrectly, the incorrect portal will open and he will die.

After getting the correct answer, Sonro escapes. Raven overpowers Nevar and gives him a chance of redemption. Nevar refuses and snatches Raven's staff from him, causing Raven to fall over into the Chamber of the Three Headed Serpent. True to Satyarani, the temple begins to collapse.

Outside, Sonro is told by Satyarani that Raven and Nevar have both been crushed to death; however, Raven flies down, alive. Sonro gives Raven the draft thermos, and in return, he is given a golden staff. Raven decrees he is to be known as "Sonro, Guardian of the Golden Staff, Hero of the Eastern Land, Conqueror of the Secret Temple". Satyarani vanishes, and Raven and Sonro begin the long voyage home, accompanied by bowing Spirit Guards.

However, after the end credits roll, we zoom in on the ruins of the Secret Temple, and we see one of Nevar's eyes open. This footage would later be recycled into part of the pilot episode of The Dragon's eye.