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Raven has 15 series spanning 12 years of television

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Will the warriors succeed in their tasks or lose a precious life?

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From the wise Raven to the evil Nevar

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Raven was a multi-BAFTA-winning BBC Scotland children's adventure game show that aired on CBBC in the UK and on BBC Kids in Canada from 2002-2010 over the course of ten series, with three spin-off series from 2006-2009. It was revived in 2017 with two more series and a Gaelic version called Fitheach.

It was hosted by James Mackenzie and later Aisha Toussaint in the title role, who conducts a group of children, known as warriors, over five days through a series of Challenges. At various stages in the adventure, the group loses the least successful warrior, until two go through to the final week to compete for the title of Ultimate Warrior.


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