Raven of Old refers to the original Raven who hosted the tournament for thirteen series (10 main series and 3 spin offs). He is played by James Mackenzie and has appeared in every episode of the show so far.


Raven of Old

Series 1

After Series 1


Raven of Old also has some innate magical ability (as can be seen in Series 1)

  • Transformation (between human and bird)
  • Immortality[citation needed]
  • Resurrection (To revive fallen warriors)

Starting from Series 2 Raven of Old uses his Staff of Power to grant him magical abilities. These include:

  • Lighting/force power (which he often uses against Nevar)


Early Life

Originally from the Island of Alaunus.

During Series One through Ten

Raven would guide the warriors on their quest through the many challenges they faced.


Series 11

Prior to Series 11 beginning Raven is sealed in a far and desolate realm after a spell he used to seal Nevar in that realm also effected him. Raven of Old often appears to offer help and guidance to Raven.


Raven is often remembered for his quotes
"Let the challenge... Begin!"
―Raven, before all challenges. He would hit his stick on the ground as he said begin for dramatic effect.