This is the final challenge of series 1.

Taking place at Dark Pools, Raven leads Lamar, Intho and Bhrea to the final challenge in his tournament. He has a final wisdom challenge set up. In place of the portal is an altar with 3 identical bowls on it. One of these bowls is the Raven's Eye, the artifact which Raven uses to see what the warriors have on their minds or what else has happened.

As he had 7 lives (the highest number). Lamar would have first attempt at this challenge. To play, all one had to do was to pass one's hand over the bowls. Each bowl had a voice, which would tell the player which bowl to pick up, as their answer; the correct bowl would grant the player's heart's desire; in Lamar's case, a boating holiday.

If the player got this dead easy challenge wrong, they'd have to step aside and let the next placed warrior have a go.

What the bowls said

Bowl number one (female voice): "The third bowl lies; this is the Raven's Eye."

Bowl number two (different female voice, winning bowl): "Trust my voice, this is the Raven's Eye."

Bowl number three (male voice): "The first bowl lies; this is not the Raven's Eye."


This is, by far, the easiest Raven challenge in the entire 8-year history of the show. Some fans have said this challenge was so easy, even a three-year-old could do it.