Satyarani (Tara Sharma) is a friend and ally of Raven's (and apparently an enemy as well, due to summoning Nevar towards the end of the series).

A princess, fashioned from the earth itself and with the ability to transport herself through the air in the form of a dust cloud, she inhabits the Eastern land and guides the warriors through challenges, helping Raven on the journey to the Secret Temple.

Perhaps less compassionate, and more doubting than Raven about his warriors, she often visits them at the start and the end of the day to question them about the choices they have made.

However, on the final day, the three headed serpent told her that the final warrior had to face his greatest fear, or none would leave. Unwillingly, she summoned Nevar, who happened to be Sonro's greatest fear.


Her name means ’Princess of Truth’