Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Girl
Series One
Week(s) One
Emblem Orange
Lives Lost -
Rings Gained -

Sejen is a warrior from week one of Series 1. She wears a light brown shirt with a light orange sash. She wears glasses and an orange headband. 

Challenges Faced

Day One 

Hunt For The Standard 

Sejen is the first warrior to find their Standard in this challenge.

The Eyeless Demons 

Sejen competes against Intho in this challenge. Sejen is slowest to start but also rang the chimes less however she was too slow to collect the treasure ring.

The Old Troll 

Sejen gets the answer correct and so gains a treasure ring.

Day Two 

Leap Of Faith 

Sejen is fifth to attempt the challenge. She easily grabs the treasure ring.

Castle Tournament 

Sejen is in a team with Intho and Lydav. She does not have the opportunity to compete as her team had already won by the time it was her turn.

Day Three

Deep Loch

Sejen is last to swim across the loch and so loses a life.

Stepping Stones

Sejen is second to attempt the challenge. She slips and falls on the second stone and so loses a life.

Vale of Dunan

Sejen is chosen by Intho to help him solve the riddle. She correctly guesses the answer and Intho shares one of his treasure rings with her.

Day Four

Spider Tunnel

Sejen is paired with Intho for this challenge. They collect all four treasure rings however they do not escape the tunnel in time and so both lose a life.

Castle Tournament

Sejen is in third place at this point and so begins to fight during the third round, against Gaale. She is victorious and retains all her lives.

Way of The Warrior

Sejen is in last place and so must attempt this challenge. She is knocked off the path by one of the boulders on the rotating boulder set and so is eliminated.

Day Five

Sejen is back in the tournament as Galle had to leave the tournament due to an injury.

Forest of Chains

Sejen was the first to obtain a key and also the first to release the final lock, obtain a treasure ring and gain back a life.

High Beam

Sejen was the first warrior to attempt the challenge. She successfully obtained all the keys and entered the portal on the other end of the beam and so gained back a life.

Blasted Mountain

Sejen was first to pull the stones up the slope and was also the first to complete the statue. From this she gained two lives.

Riddle of the Portal

Sejen was the first warrior to attempt the challenge but made the incorrect guess of "I am Sejen and I wish to enter" and so did not pass through the portal.