The Gorge was a series 7 challenge for the 2 leading warriors, played every Tuesday.


The warrior in first place goes down into the eponymous Gorge and describe some symbols they find to the other warrior (on the bank), who can see 3 different skulls with symbols etched on the foreheads, one of which is a match to the one in the Gorge. Then the warrior on the bank throws an oddly shaped bucket (similar in shape to a Viking drinking horn) down to their friend in the Gorge; he must then fill it up and then the warrior on the bank fills the skull with water. If it is the skull with the symbol that matches with the one in the Gorge, a ring will be released; if not, they must try again.

There are 3 different sets of skulls and 3 different patterns in the gorge, making three rings, which must all be collected. However, there is a hampering to the warrior's progress; downstream, there's a Demon, who will relentlessly pursue the leader through the Gorge, and up the waterfall (their only means of escape). If he catches the warriors, both of them will lose a life.


  • This is technically a re-imagining of Dwarf Mine.
  • The skulls used for the Gorge would later reappear, devoid of the symbols on their foreheads, at later seasons' The Last Stand.
  • During series 7, only one pair failed The Gorge: Versad and Hanso in the final week. (Versad had completed The Gorge in week 1 with Beron)