For riddles of the old troll, see Riddle Answers.


Played in the first series and on the first day of every week (usually the third challenge of the day, between The Eyeless Demons and Tournament Arena, and between Leap Of Faith in the final week). One of the warriors is picked by Raven, and he has to knock on the door and ask for a treasure ring.However, it doesn't actually work out that way, no matter how politely the warrior asks...

A riddle is shown (pushed out through the ugly ornate head on the door) and the warrior hands it to Raven. Raven then reads the riddle and the warriors write their answers on slates they find in their bags. One by one, they put their answers through to the Old Troll (via a smaller door at the bottom of the door to the cave) and the troll gives them either a ring or tugs at their hand. Afterwards, Raven asks any warriors who got it wrong to say their answers, and then a warrior who got it right to say the correct answer or he will say it if all of them got it wrong. The warriors who get it right keep the ring; if not, they lose a life.

In the final week, along with everybody getting the riddle right, each warrior managed to get an armful of gunge, too.


  • This challenge showed how banterous Raven was in season 1, as this transcript extract from the pilot episode reveals:

Raven: (knocking on the door to The Old Troll, with a devilish grin on his face) Are you still in there, Old Troll? (We hear the Old Troll yelling and banging at the door. Raven tries his best to keep himself from laughing, but he jumps back; to the fourth wall, with a mock concern look on his face) Oh, dear. He's sounding very grumpy today. Fortunately, we don't have to go inside and have tea, (genuine concern look) otherwise we'd probably end up inside one of his cakes.

  • The archway was recycled into the doorway to the Wizard's Tower in later seasons.