Warrior's Gate was the introductory challenge for each week of seasons 5 and 6. It's set at an enchanted wall which separates the human realm from Raven's realm, and uses a fantastic CGI graphic to render the magic of Raven's realm being held in a force-field marked by the gateway.


There are six winches, partially assembled, with three on either side of the gateway into Raven's realm. When set off, the warriors are to put the handles on the winches, and turn them, so as to move the golden scroll suspended on the ropes up to the wall. When the scroll reaches the wall, it will automatically open, revealing what symbol the warrior will wear for their week (however, the audience could easily guess what they'd be, as the warriors were still wearing the coloured outfits for that week, devoid of their symbols (i.e. red would wear the sun symbol, green would wear the tree symbol, etc.)).

First to get their scroll up to the wall will receive three gold rings, whilst second will receive two and third will receive one. Then, after explaining the rules of the tournament, Raven will open the gateway and lead his warriors into his realm.


  • This challenge has been remembered as being quite tiring, with the monosyllabic turning of the winch.